Our introduction

What makes us different

Axxedo is different because of the uncomplicated and close relationship we hold with our customers. But what exactly do we mean by that? Basically, we’re trying to say that you’re more than a customer to us. We really care about your employees, processes and documents. Because of this orientation, over the decades, we have developed an accurate feeling for the processes of our customers and prospects.
Our work on numerous projects made us realize that, as relevant as processes were, the employees involved proved to be truly decisive. In all our projects, therefore, we strive to capture and analyse the direct relation to the daily work within the company. Only then can both sides be sure to use the right words to avoid misunderstandings and ineffective project management.

Solution house

Our solution house distinguishes itself by its permanent committment to customers, but also to the efficient use of our solutions. That is why project management, training and support enjoy a very high and equally important status in all our projects.
For the best ECM/BPM is useless when improperly used or adapted.
Accordingly, from the first contact, but above all at the project planning and implementation stages, we attach great importance to understanding your unique corporate processes.

Our partners – professional together



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